Everything you need to know about Nitrogen in Australia

Nitrogen is a non-flammable gas which does not support combustion. It is colourless and odourless and non-toxic; it is almost a totally inert gas (containing 79% volume of air).

Industrial Grade Nitrogen is produced with a food grade classification.

Typical uses

  • Purging
  • Tyre inflation
  • Inert atmospheres
  • Food packaging
  • Gauge calibration
  • Metal degassing
  • Air tools
  • Wine making
  • Fire fighting

Main Hazards

Nitrogen is non-toxic, inert and inflammable, it comprises 79% volume of the air we breathe. High concentrations in confined spaces may result in unconsciousness without symptoms.

Storage and handling

  • Keep cylinders upright and protect the valve from physical damage. Secure cylinders when standing.
  • Ensure all cylinders are correctly labelled
  • Ensure area is well ventilated.
  • Check regularly for leaks. Close all valves when not in use.
  • Ensure all regulators and fittings are free from dust and oil
  • External storage is preferred. Do not store cylinders in an area where any leaking gas could accumulate
  • If valve is damaged, do not attempt to operate
  • Never use lubricants to valves or regulators
  • If valve does not operate by hand, return the cylinder to the supplier (attach a faulty cylinder tag)
Note: Only regulators, manifolds and ancillary equipment, rated for the appropriate pressure and compatible with the relevant gas, shall be connected to or downstream of these cylinders.