Hello from Pacific Gas

Welcome to the Pacific Gas customer reward program, offer for this spring!

We thank all our customers. Pacific Gas is rewarding each of you with a $10.00 credit to your account. No need to ask, it will simply be deducted from your next order.


Once you have purchased three 45kg bottles of gas we will provide, FREE of charge, one 9kg BBQ cylinder swap. Simply tell us when you next order and have your empty BBQ cylinder ready to exchange.

Even though this is great value, THERE IS MORE!

Swapping your empty 9kg BBQ cylinder is now easier with Pacific Gas! When you next exchange your 45kg cylinder, simply add an extra $22.50 and we will swap your 9kg BBQ cylinder and even deliver FREE to your home.

Exchanging your BBQ gas cylinder is now simpler than ever before!

Just in time for the BBQ season.


Simply call us for your next gas purchase.

Call during business hours: 03 9776 8382

IMPORTANT: We have scheduled deliveries to your area every Tuesday and Thursday. Allow plenty of time when ordering your gas as urgent out of hours gas deliveries can be costly.

After hours emergency:

Bruce Newham

0408 350 180

Matthew Copplestone

0421 370 090