Argon PacShield 5/2 (3-part mix)

An Argon mix is a shielding gas mixture which provides welds of excellent appearance. Suitable for use on low alloy, high tensile, quenched and tempered steels. Suitable for solid wires and some flux core wires It is supplied in high pressure cylinders.

 PacShield 5/2 (3-part Mix) consists of 93% Argon, 5% CO2 and 2% Oxygen

Typical uses of an Argon mix

  • MIG welding of mild and carbon steels

What are the advantages of using an Argon mix?

  • Heavy section, deep penetration, low spatter
  • The CO2 content means suitable for welding galvanised metals

Want to learn more?

To find out more about Argon, check out Everything you need to know about Argon in Australia.
Alternatively you can download our Material Safety Data Sheet.

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