Carbon Dioxide is a non-flammable gas which does not support combustion. It is colourless and odourless and non-toxic.

Typical uses of Carbon Dioxide

Food industry

The food industries consume most of the carbon dioxide produced. It is employed for

  • Carbonation of soft drinks, lemonade, soda etc
  • Recharging of natural mineral waters with carbon dioxide
  • Tapping of beer and prevention of oxidation through contact with the air
  • Accelerating the growth of farm produce as an atmosphere additive
Chemical industry

It is employed in the chemical industry in the following applications

  • Tanning of hide
  • Production of paints and varnishes
  • Ph control of some sedentary alkalis
Fabrication industry

It is used in the fabrication industry in the following way;

  • MIG welding usually with flux core wires

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To find out more about Carbon Dioxide, check out Everything you need to know about Carbon Dioxide in Australia.
Alternatively you can download our Material Safety Data Sheet.

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