No contracts. No rentals.

We like to keep things simple. When you buy from us you own your gas bottles completely. 

We have gas and cylinders for all of your industrial and commercial gas requirements. We offer full cylinders as well as a quick and painless exchange system for any customers who already have their own cylinders.

Why our customer base is growing so rapidly


No expensive rentals.

The average gas bottle costs less than the price of a 24 month rental. Most bottles only need to be replaced every 50 years, so when you rent you will be wasting money for 48 years.


No complicated contracts.

Forget about 5 year contracts that lock you into a fixed price. With the costs of gas and equipment getting cheaper, it's important that you choose a partner who passes on the cost savings each year.



We are based here in Australia. When you partner with us you will be teaming up with local business who understands the same market that you work in.